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4 Advantages of Wooden Blinds

Different people prefer different types of things. Just like how each head of the household choose his or her preferred blinds. There are different types of blinds: vertical blinds, roman blinds, aluminum blinds, and wooden blinds. What sets the wooden blinds apart from the others are what you will learn in this article.

Some people do not use wooden blinds because they are not knowledgeable of the benefits it could give. Wooden blinds might really be more expensive than plastic blinds but these wooden blinds have its reason for being a little bit expensive. Here are the advantages of using wooden blinds.

Privacy- Using wooden blinds can give the users a more private time inside the room. Usually, in using plastic blinds, the view from the inside of the room is just limited or decreased. That means, people inside the room can still be visible from the tiny spaces the plastic blinds have. In using wooden blinds, users can really enjoy an ensured private space in the room because no image can be seen from the outside. 

Light blocker- Aside from being able to provide more privacy, wooden blinds can also block incoming light. This is perfect for a continued sleep in the morning if you are tired from last night’s overtime work.

Easy to be Cleaned- It is true that wooden blinds can get very dirty and get harbor a lot of dust but it is also one of the easiest blinds to clean. Compared to plastic blinds that you should hold with one hand and wipe each slat with the other, wooden blinds’ slats can go on a downward direction making it form a solid whole that is easier to grab. Once the blinds formed as a whole, you can just wipe it straight from top to bottom with a wet cloth.

Durable- Yes, wooden blinds are more expensive than plastic blinds but it can last for a long time if it’s well taken care of. 

Style- Of course, wood can never go out of style. The wooden blinds can perfectly match most of interior designs. Another thing is that wooden blinds can improve, enhance, or highlight your furniture and other interior decorations too, while on the other hand, plastic blinds might cheapen its quality. Wooden blinds also give you different feelings depending on the interior. It can give you a formal feeling when the area is too corporate while it can also give you a cozy and comfortable feeling if used inside the home.

Remodeling and Home Design