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Seeking a beautiful rug for your home? 

Ciao Bella! strives to provide a wide range of services and options for those seeking rugs and carpets for their home and offices. Timeless antiques, beautiful modern Tibetan wool and wool/silk hand loomed carpets, tribal art rugs, and casually beautiful, fun New Zealand wool rugs in exciting colors for "young at heart interiors" are our specialty. You may rely on Ciao Bella! Design to source your requests across the country, coast to coast until we locate that special rug that will complete your space with style.

Ciao Bella! design professionals are experts in matching your needs with our extensive AAA resources.

We are especially adept in locating rare and vintage Art rugs, offering unusual Angora Oushack carpets, needle points and Aubussons. We inventory a number of rugs on site at our location in Petoskey, and we are able to custom make rugs to fit almost any unique situation for size, color, design and budget.

Ciao Bella! also taps into the knowledge and experience of the very best American importers, who have for decades been leaders of the highest integrity. In the world of fine collectible handmade carpets, our resources are renowned for their honesty and high ethical standards. You can look to Ciao Bella! with confidence and for a distinguished sense of style and sophistication.

Please let our expert "Search Service" find you a most important carpet acquisition that sets the  standard for exceptional interior design.


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Remodeling and Home Design