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The Vietri Dinnerware

Vietri is an Italian brand that offers well handcrafted Italian products that ranges from table needs, home needs, and garden needs. The company preserves and promotes the artisans of their beloved Italy that is why they produce handcrafted dinnerware, pots, and everything. Their artisans are highly skilled in their own craft that it can be seen through their works. At you will be able to see all of the works of their artisans from table top to home décor to garden. Here are some of the high quality dinnerware of Vietri:

Lastra Dinner Plate- This plate comes in 5 colors: red, white, grey, cream, and aqua. Each plate is being sold at a price of $44. The style of the plate is rustic and chic. The imperfect circular shape of the plates is inspired from the overlapping wooden mold used in cheese over hundreds of years in Italy. The plate having an imperfect circular shape gives it more edge to stand out in the table top. It is 12 inches in diameter.

Sara’s Bouquet Salad Plate- Inspired by the real life garden of the Italian designer, Sara Bellini, picked the four flowers painted on a salad plate. Each has one vase of flower hand painted on a salad plate. The first one is a Cornflower painted on a violet and blue background. The second one is a Poppy painted on two tones of blue background. The third one is an Iris, a purple flower that is painted on a contrasting but beautiful yellow background. The last one is Hydrangea, a light blue flower painted on a cool combination of light green and blue background. These salad plates are being sold at a price of $49 each. These have a diameter of 8.75 inches.

Sara’s Bouquet Mug- The salad plates are being partnered with their corresponding mugs. There are 4 designs available for the mugs like the salad plate has. These designs are cornflower, poppy, iris, and hydrangea. Each mug is 4.5 inches tall and can contain 14 oz of liquid. These are sold at a price of $40 each.

Susanna Scalloped Pasta Bowl- the Susanna Scalloped Pasta bowl looks classic in design. It shows so much class and quintessence. The bowl shows swirling designs in blue, yellow, and white. The bowl is scalloped shape and is made from stoneware clay that originated in Italy. This pasta bowl is being sold at a price of $61 each. It is 10 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in height.

4 Advantages of Wooden Blinds

Different people prefer different types of things. Just like how each head of the household choose his or her preferred blinds. There are different types of blinds: vertical blinds, roman blinds, aluminum blinds, and wooden blinds. What sets the wooden blinds apart from the others are what you will learn in this article.

Some people do not use wooden blinds because they are not knowledgeable of the benefits it could give. Wooden blinds might really be more expensive than plastic blinds but these wooden blinds have its reason for being a little bit expensive. Here are the advantages of using wooden blinds.

Privacy- Using wooden blinds can give the users a more private time inside the room. Usually, in using plastic blinds, the view from the inside of the room is just limited or decreased. That means, people inside the room can still be visible from the tiny spaces the plastic blinds have. In using wooden blinds, users can really enjoy an ensured private space in the room because no image can be seen from the outside. 

Light blocker- Aside from being able to provide more privacy, wooden blinds can also block incoming light. This is perfect for a continued sleep in the morning if you are tired from last night’s overtime work.

Easy to be Cleaned- It is true that wooden blinds can get very dirty and get harbor a lot of dust but it is also one of the easiest blinds to clean. Compared to plastic blinds that you should hold with one hand and wipe each slat with the other, wooden blinds’ slats can go on a downward direction making it form a solid whole that is easier to grab. Once the blinds formed as a whole, you can just wipe it straight from top to bottom with a wet cloth.

Durable- Yes, wooden blinds are more expensive than plastic blinds but it can last for a long time if it’s well taken care of. 

Style- Of course, wood can never go out of style. The wooden blinds can perfectly match most of interior designs. Another thing is that wooden blinds can improve, enhance, or highlight your furniture and other interior decorations too, while on the other hand, plastic blinds might cheapen its quality. Wooden blinds also give you different feelings depending on the interior. It can give you a formal feeling when the area is too corporate while it can also give you a cozy and comfortable feeling if used inside the home.

Interior Design Trends for 2016

The exterior of a house is like the physical appearance of a person. It is what others see and judge. Just like the importance of a presentable physical appearance of a person is, the exterior of a house is very important too. However, knowing the saying “It’s what’s inside that counts”, we should also take notice of how good the interior of a house should be. In the end, it really is what’s inside that counts. Let us look at the latest trends in the interior design world.

Elegance- Having an elegant touch in the design is being a talk of the town when it comes to interior design. Elegance can be pulled off properly with a touch of gold and black colors. These gold and black colors can be anything around the house such as a sofa set or a kitchen set. Velvet can also be included in the touch of elegance.

Rustic and Fresh- Contradicting sides can also look together. Mixing old, rustic furniture with new and ultramodern ones is also a trend. You can give an old looking wooden table a new life by having it grouped with a set of modern looking chairs. This design looks better with neutral colors like beige, brown, and white.

Vintage and Modern- Here is another two contradicting styles that match. Putting vintage and modern together won’t create a chaos. This style works well when you post modern artworks in your classic looking living room that has these vintage wall sweeps and cornices. Top it with a modern chandelier to complete the style.

Chic and Youthful- Who says only girls can be chic? Rooms can look chic too. If you want to give a youthful touch in your rooms, try painting the walls pastel and use a bunch of colorful furniture. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Do not use dark-dark or light-light combinations of walls and furniture because nothing will stand out there. 

The Bookworm- Having libraries as a decoration in a house is also a thing in the interior design world these days. You can reserve one side of the room for a top to bottom shelves of books. Any color will do as long as the walls are white or beige but there is no limit in designing!

The Environmentalist- The world is slowly turning into a concrete jungle so having a touch of green inside the house is the way. This can be achieved by having a custom made skylight for natural lighting when there’s still the daylight. A well ventilated room can also be called an environment friendly interior since you won’t need artificial ventilation. Add some hanging plants inside and there you it!

Northern Michigan Interior Design: Using The Seasons!

Space planning is one of the most important reasons for usage of space efficiently and effectively. By using home design services and space planning, you can design your home as you want it and furnished with items that exactly suit each space in your home. For economic reasons, most people will not purchase all their furnishings at once, but progressively, building up eventually until they are happy with the outcome. 

Remodeling and Home Design