Remodeling and Home Design

"The Art of Interiors"......

is who we are and what we do!  

The CLASSIC principles of ART are at work for our clients’ benefit.  

The practice of fine interior design takes as many forms as one can find in the world of fine art.    

our five values define and guide

who we are,and what makes us tick.

Diane E. Bell, 2015

Provide Unmatched Space Planning

Northern michigan modern designs

It can be difficult to visualize the potential of room design. according to the clients’s life style and taste.   Ciao Bella! 's commitment to excellence in space planning and their ability to see options that others do not, creates exceptional design, plain and simple.

We are relentless in our pursuit for extraordinary customer service, and are committed advocates for our clients to other professionals when managing the design and materials aspects of their projects.

In one interesting project, Diane Bell, Lead Designer, added a 1200 square foot contemporary, passive solar green kitchen to an early 1800's carriage house - transforming the utility of the space; and in another recent space planning project, she expanded sleeping and family room capacity by 12 beds and 700 square feet without any exterior addition to the client's home.

Hearing and listening to what the client wants, followed by thoughtful application is the key to satisfied clients.

Application of Intriquing Color Theory

Custom Upholstery Northern Michigan

Color is one of the most powerful, useful and expressive tools for designing compelling interiors. Diane Bell is also an educated painter and a professional instructor of color theory.  As such her vibrant modern paintings could be among the best-selling works in our art business, WARD Gallery.  Her skills in matching and combining colors to a home’s “feel” are unparalleled. She is a color theorist in her design aesthetics.




Lake House Design Petoskey

Commitment to Perfection

Every detail of your space matters. We do not rest until the project is done to our clients satisfaction and to our exacting standards.  We have also created strong relationships with some of the best sub-contractors in the region for our projects, people who are willing to adjust their preferences to create something amazing. Diane, as a leader, is equally willing to hold manufacturers of furniture and other components to her exacting standards.


Interesting Wall Fixtures harbor springs michigan

Commitment to the Unusual

With Ciao Bella there is no such thing as a cookie cutter, off the rack approach.  But if one has the time and is equally committed to the new and unusual, there is no better designers in the country. 

Witness stained concrete floors in our business and new home in Tennessee, custom designed and locally executed entertainment center or sculpted iron bed here, or a Game room with unusual entertainment., we also only uses Furniture Manufacturers who can custom tailor their products. 


Custom Upholstered chairs.jpg

Commitment to a Mental Library

Diane and her staff are masters in tapping into their mental resource banks for a fabric, a piece of furniture, or window treatment - these are collected inspirations gleaned from professional publications, web site sourcing, trade shows and world class connections in the market.  The product may not have immediate application, but is retained as a visual memory.   Observing Diane at the High Point markets twice a year is an exhausting ordeal; she works constantly for 6 days straight, twice a year, seeking unique products for her clients and bringing new ideas and energy back to the business.


Remodeling and Home Design