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Outdoor Living

Planning an outdoor living area requires as much effort as a remodeling project inside the home. Technology has significantly expanded the range and number of products which comprise the outdoor living category, making the task more complex.  Yet, it is this new era of products that makes outdoor living so enjoyable. Ciao Bella! Design and Interiors specializes in creating outdoor living spaces and al fresco kitchens and dining.

Many of today’s “Outdoor Living” spaces include an outdoor kitchen, a dining and deep seating area, fire pit and conversation areas. 

We provides the highest quality kitchen equipment and exceptional outdoor furniture….Subzero-Wolf; Big Green Egg,  stainless steel all weather modular cabinetry, teak, wicker, and aluminum. 


Begin with an idea and a budget.  Consider what outdoor activities you enjoy and want to do more frequently. Develop a plan of implementation; not everything must be done at once, then seek professional advice.  Much as you would employ the services of a professional to design your indoor kitchen, select someone who specializes in outdoor lifestyle planning and has resources available to put the plan into action.  For instance, the Ciao Bella! design team is able to integrated most efficiently your current deck or patio with new ideas for an “Outdoor Living” area. 

Tapping into professional resources can save time and money….an outdoor lifestyle planner determines the ideal flow of traffic, lighting, scale of furniture, the activities that need to be accommodated and where best to locate them, shade requirements and more.  Time of day and typical duration of activities are considered.  Together with your designer, you are able to work within your budget to build a plan based on your lifestyle needs. Your designer is trained to ask the right questions to identify what is most important to you and your family.

Remodeling and Home Design