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Interior Design Trends for 2016

The exterior of a house is like the physical appearance of a person. It is what others see and judge. Just like the importance of a presentable physical appearance of a person is, the exterior of a house is very important too. However, knowing the saying “It’s what’s inside that counts”, we should also take notice of how good the interior of a house should be. In the end, it really is what’s inside that counts. Let us look at the latest trends in the interior design world.

Elegance- Having an elegant touch in the design is being a talk of the town when it comes to interior design. Elegance can be pulled off properly with a touch of gold and black colors. These gold and black colors can be anything around the house such as a sofa set or a kitchen set. Velvet can also be included in the touch of elegance.

Rustic and Fresh- Contradicting sides can also look together. Mixing old, rustic furniture with new and ultramodern ones is also a trend. You can give an old looking wooden table a new life by having it grouped with a set of modern looking chairs. This design looks better with neutral colors like beige, brown, and white.

Vintage and Modern- Here is another two contradicting styles that match. Putting vintage and modern together won’t create a chaos. This style works well when you post modern artworks in your classic looking living room that has these vintage wall sweeps and cornices. Top it with a modern chandelier to complete the style.

Chic and Youthful- Who says only girls can be chic? Rooms can look chic too. If you want to give a youthful touch in your rooms, try painting the walls pastel and use a bunch of colorful furniture. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Do not use dark-dark or light-light combinations of walls and furniture because nothing will stand out there. 

The Bookworm- Having libraries as a decoration in a house is also a thing in the interior design world these days. You can reserve one side of the room for a top to bottom shelves of books. Any color will do as long as the walls are white or beige but there is no limit in designing!

The Environmentalist- The world is slowly turning into a concrete jungle so having a touch of green inside the house is the way. This can be achieved by having a custom made skylight for natural lighting when there’s still the daylight. A well ventilated room can also be called an environment friendly interior since you won’t need artificial ventilation. Add some hanging plants inside and there you it!

Remodeling and Home Design